23 Amazing Eco-Friendly STEM Project Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Zero Waste STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

It’s a curriculum that encourages students to explore their world and the world around them through these four disciplines. STEM projects are often hands-on activities that allow students to experiment with scientific principles in a fun way.

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7 STEM Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers:

Bite Sized Activities for At Home Learners

Zero Waste STEM activities and projects can be a great way to engage young students in science, technology, engineering, and math. This list of STEM activities and projects for elementary school students is designed to offer a wide range of ideas for how to engage young learners in STEM. The list includes both hands-on physical activities as well as more conceptual approaches. STEM Activities and Projects for Elementary School Students 

-Perform an experiment to create a "dough-egg" -Create a device that dispenses perfume from a bottle -Create an infographic about the history of STEM in education -Design and build something using an empty egg carton and model clay 

-Create a science fair poster about the world we live in-Create an infographic about what people do at work

-Design and build your own sticker machine to produce custom stickers

-Create your own "egg carton" mobile1

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8 Ideas for STEM Projects in Your Backyard or Garden:

-Building a bird feeder to attract birds and then observe them as they eat 

-Making a sundial -Growing plants from seeds 

-Testing soil pH levels with litmus paper 

-Making an electromagnet 

-Conducting an experiment 

-Developing a method to grow plants hydroponically 

-Building a trebuchet for backyard activities 

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8 Ingenious DIY STEM Activity Ideas that Cost Less Than $20!

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1. Make a Scrapbook of Their Summer - This budget-friendly summer project is perfect for kids to make! It’s easy to do. First, buy inexpensive scrapbooking supplies like plenty of old magazines, glue sticks and pages. Then, have children tear out pictures from the magazines and glue them onto the pages along with their summer memories . After they are done, they can cover the whole page in a photo of the whole family to share with friends and loved ones.

2. Create a Family Portrait With Photos from Their Vacation Next, buy some inexpensive props such as an umbrella and beach gear for your family portrait . Then have children take a photo of themselves with these props in the background. An easy way to make it look like they were actually on vacation is to place them in front of the same touristy landmarks they visited on their trip. For instance, one family might take a photo at the Washington Monument and another family might take a picture of their vacation photos on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

3. Have a Photo Shoot With Their Favorite Memory Next, have children make their own souvenir poster by using an old photo from their trip to line the bottom of items they found in their suitcase . 

4. Build a Memory Map of Their Trip by Using a Coloring Book This activity will help children remember their trip by outlining the memories they made on the map, as well as the items they found in their suitcase. 

5. Make a Memory Book of the Trip This activity will help children remember their trip by taking pictures and placing those pictures into the book. 

6. Dress Up As Their Favorite Character from Their TripThis activity will help children remember their trip by dressing up as a character from the trip . 

7. Create a Picture Story of the Trip This activity will help children remember their trip by telling a story about the trip with pictures they find. 

8. Create a Nostalgic Display This activity will help children remember their trip by creating an display with pictures and items from the trip. 


The summer is the perfect time to let your creativity flow. Try out one of these four creative activities this summer and you will be sure to have a fun and productive break.

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